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CBD Hemp Oil and its Advantages

Scientific researches point to many health advantages of CBD, which is a component of medical hemp. Cannabidiol or the beforementioned (CBD) has no psychoactive effects compared to THC which is known in connection to marihuana, used for recreational purposes.

The effects of medical hemp that contains CBD are proven also on seriously ill patients.

CBD Hemp Oil helps with digestion problems

Healthy appetite is very important to keep your body healthy, especially when your body needs to recover after a sickness or an accident. Some illnesses decrease your appetite and prevent the body to heal itself. CBD is known for increasing the appetite and according to the National Cancer Institute CBD acts through various cannabinoid receptors in human body and like this it is beneficial for it.
Scientists think that these receptors play an important role in regulation of the food intake. Thanks to this, CBD binds to this receptors and helps to stimulate the appetite.
CBD also helps against nausea and heaving caused by sickness. It is useful especially for individuals who undergo a chemotherapy or any other treatment of some serious illness.

CBD Hemp Oil is analgesic – helps to reduce pain

CBD binds to CB1 receptors in body and relieves from pain. It acts antiinflamatory and reduces swelling. 

CBD Hemp Oil breaks out anxiety

CBD can reduce serious social anxiety. Generalized social anxiety disorders, or SAD, are one of the most common form of anxiety disordersthat worsen life quality. Some people complain about increased social anxiety after using marihuana but it is caused by low level of CBD compared to significantly higher content of THC in marihuana.
In the study from 2011, scientists were studying the effects of CBD on people with anxiety disorder SAD. They have chosen 24 people with this disorder who were never cured on SAD. After that they devided the participants in two groups. One group received 600mg of CBD while the other group received only placebo. Scientists asked the participants to participate on simulation test of public speech while they were measuring blood pressure, heart frequency, level of psychical stress and other physiological functions.
Group that was being given CBD showed significant decrease of anxiety, cognitive defects and discomfort during their speach. In comparison, in the other group that was given placebo, people were showing signs of higher anxiety, cognitive defects and discomfort during their speech.
According to the National institute there are 15 millions of US citizens suffering from anxiety. They are marked by social fobias. 6,8 millions of the citizens suffers from generalized anxiety. Traditional treatment includes usually consultations with doctors what leads to medication prescription (antidepressives).
Treatment with the help of CBD can be better than treatment with antidepressives. CBD acts faster and does not cause any side effects or withdrawal symptoms.

Against cancer spreading

National Cancer Institute has carried out several studies that were focusing on antitumoral effects of CBD (cannabidiol). One of the studies was carried out on mice and rats. It showed that CBD „can have protective effects against growth of some type tumor-based illnesses.“ They found out that CBD cuases cellular death of the tumour by controling inhibitory spreading of cancer cells.
Another study from California Pacific Medical Center shows that CBD „switches off“ genes participating on spreading the breast cancer and other tumours. CBD inhibits ID-1, what is an action which prevents the cancer cells from „travelling“(to move) for long distances to other tissues.

CBD Hemp oil is antipsychotic – against psychosis

CBD decreases psychotic symptoms connected to for example schizophrenia and others. In Cologne in Germany, it was found out that schizophrenia affects about 1,1 percent of the population here in Czech Republic and in USA it is 2,4 millions of inhabitants.
CBD will not stop surprising scientists with the abundance of health benefits and healing effects which it is providing. There is still higher number of scientists, doctors and users too learning about these health benefits and effects of CBD which is benficial for a healthy lifestyle.

Additional information

    CBD Hemp Juice (Powdered)

    CBD Hemp Juice (Powdered) — 11,90 €

    The smoothest part (pPowder) of CBD-rich hemp buds is mixed with dried apple powder in order to create a unique CBD rich product. It is a great supplement for any CBD therapy. Consumption of CBD Hemp Juice harmonizes basic vital processes in the body including immunity, heartbeat, digesting, levels of glucose and cholesterol in the blood and proper functions of muscles and joints.


    CBD hemp oil – 10%

    Hemp Extract – CBD Hemp oil 10%, 10ml — 59,90€

    We recommend CBD Hemp oil with a higher CBD concentration for acute and long lasting health problems and sicknesses.

    • 10% CBD content
    • dissolved in BIO hempoil
    • extract from Czech BIO hemp (10% CBD, THC less than 0,2%)
    • shake before using
    • keep out of rich of children
    • store in dry and dark space
    • expiration date: 1 year

    Ingrediences: CBD Hemp extract (CBD 10% THC, less than 0,2%), BIO hemp oil

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  • CBD Hemp Oil and its Advantages

    Scientific researches point to many health advantages of CBD, which is a component of medical hemp. Cannabidiol or the beforementioned (CBD) has no psychoactive effects compared to THC which is known in connection to marihuana, used for recreational purposes.

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    Authors: Morgan CJ, Das RK, Joye A, Curran HV, Kamboj SK
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