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CBD Hemp Oil and Pregnancy

Pregnant thanks to the CBD oil? The fact, that I will have problems getting pregnant I knew for a long time. Exactly for 15 years to be precise – from the time when I first had my period. My gynekologist diagnosed me ovary polycystic disease – multiple cysts on ovaries. I did not worry about it at that time. When I was 12 I was, like the other girls, dealing with other „problems“.

Then I started to use The Pill. As a prevention, like any other girl is suppose to... Doctors are supposed to be listened to. Of course, taking the pills was satisfactory only for a few years. I began to „skip it“ Sometimes two, sometimes nothing. 

The idea to have a baby, to become a mother, first came to my mind when I was 18 – 19, when I lived with an older boyfriend. At that time I was remembering the words of my gynecologist with regret as she was saying that it will not be easy. I was puzzled by the accuracy of how I remembered these words. Fortunatelly, it stayed only with the idea and imagination. I kept on taking The Pill, girls at University envied me that I do not have any period but I was felt strange. The solution was the Pill again. There is no other solution according to the doctors (and probably there will not be any for a long time – the Pill is a great business after all, isn´t it?).

Change – return to nature

It´s been a few months now, almost a year that I have decided to quit the Pill completely. Of course, I almost did not have any period. I did not deal with it at first – on the contrary, it was quite comfortable.  The only problem was that „something“ was telling me that it is not right.

CBD Hemp Oil – is it going to help me too?

At that time I knew about CBD hemp oil from my travels abroad. It is a big boom there (I lived for several years in Canada and Germany). In autumn I started to use the CBD Hemp oil 2% (at the beginning 2-3 drops in the evening), later the same amount 2x a day. Then I switched to the CBD Hemp Oil 5% (2 drops in the morning, 2 in the evening).
What happened next, I truly did not expect! First month – and I got „it“! For the first time in years without any artificial hormons. Wow! And the second month the same... Moreover, I even knew two days prior to that that „it“ is going to come. I felt great. I went shopping for some sanitary products and shared my hapinness with people around.  I felt like never before. Who has not experienced it, will never understand...

CBD Oil – my first disappointment and moments of surprises

My enthusiasm lasted only two months. Third month I was already happy that everything will go the way it should... but then NOTHING HAPPENED. Week, two, a month... I kept on taking CBD drops – I sleep better and handle stress easily. Moreover they help like a prevention against civilization diseases and act anti-inflammatory. 

Two weeks ago I had to rest during the day, also at work! several times and when I was at home, I even lay down during the day. That is definitely not like me!
When the nausea added up I did the pregnancy test!
Pregnancy test – positive!
Examination at the gynecologist confirmed everything and I only keep on laughing at how angry I was that my female organs gave up its work again. I was in the 9th week.
Slowly but surely I start to feel nauseous more often, heaving and tiredness of course.
And even though the little bean, that I have now in my belly, is totally unplanned, we still can´t wait to see her together with her daddy.

Additional information
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    It is a French specie Fedora, cultivated ecologically in Suchdoly u Sedlčan and harvested in November 2015.

    For maximum effect use as this herb when cooking and baking, so that the healing cannabinoids can release in fats in which they dissolve.

    Begin with small amounts and increase the dose when necessary.
    Tea is packed in an opaque paper bag.

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  • CBD oil – 10%

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    • shake before using
    • keep out of rich of children
    • store in dry and dark space
    • expiration date: 1 year

    Ingrediences: CBD Hemp extract (CBD 10% THC, less than 0,2%), BIO hemp oil

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  • CBD Hemp Oil and Pregnancy

    Pregnant thanks to the CBD oil? The fact, that I will have problems getting pregnant I knew for a long time. Exactly for 15 years to be precise – from the time when I first had my period. My gynekologist diagnosed me ovary polycystic disease – multiple cysts on ovaries. I did not worry about it at that time. When I was 12 I was, like the other girls, dealing with other „problems“.

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