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CBD and Diabetes of type 1

Basic studies are showing that CBD is beneficial for curing diabetes of type 1 and that it acts against complications accompanying this illness, such as vessels- and vein damage (Weiss 2006, Stenley 2013, Ohki 2010, Liou 2009).

CBD Hemp oil and Diabetes

Researchers at Haddas University Hospital in Jerusalem were examining CBD effects on advancement of diabetes of type 1 on mice with genetic predisposition for its development (Weiss 2006). In so-called NOD mice it comes to insulitis development in their 4th or 5th week of life, which is followed by diabetes in 14th week. Insultis is an inflammation of the islets of Langerhans, located in pancreas, which are responsible for the insulin production. Diabetes is a sickness resulting from damage of these islets. NOD mice in the age of 6 to 12 months, that were given 10 to 20 CBD injections a day (5mg on 1kg of body weight) were showing significantly lower – 30% less occurence of diabetes than the other – not CBD treated mice, where the occurence of diabetes of type 1 was 86%.

On the mice specimen, in which the diabetes of type 1 occured dispite the CBD intake, the illness was significantly slowed down. Blood-levels of cytokines that are responsible for inflammation preading (IFN-gamma and IFN apfa) are generally higher in mice with genetic predisposition for diabetes advancement. During the CBD intake there was a significant dicrease (more than 70%) of both cytokines levels.

CBD drops

CBD hemp oil and Diabetes advancement

In the next research with the sample groups of mice, where the first group of 5 mice was without any CBD intake and the second group of mice was given CBD during 26 weeks, with following results: in the first specimen group all 5 mice have developed a diabetes. In the second group, which was given CBD, only 2 mice out of 5 have developed diabetes. 

The researchers came to a conclusion that „CBD can prevent advancement of the diabetes of type 1“ and eventually other auto-immune illnesses. Further, it was noted that many patients diagnosed with diabetes of type 1 had during the time of diagnosis sufficient amount of cells that produce insulin and therefore they were suitable patients for the therapy with CBD usage.

Other studies show that for diabetes of type 2, increased circulation level of endocannabinoids in body leads to altered function of blood veins in negative and positive way. Moreover CBD can be helpful for improving of endothelium vasorelaxation – enlargement of blood vessels (Stanley 2013).
Researchers are also pointing out that CBD is useful for retina treatment damaged by diabetes – diabetic retinopathy (Liou 2009).



CBD Hemp oil and cardiovascular illnesses 

Another study published by researchers from National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA state that CBD diminishes cardiovascular illnesses, stress, inflammations, aging and cell death caused by diabetic cardiomyopathy (Ohki 2010). Researchers came to a conclusion that these results together with wholesomeness and high-tolerance of human body towards CBD show high healing potential of CBD for diabetic and cardiovascular illnesses.

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  • CBD and Diabetes of type 1

    Basic studies are showing that CBD is beneficial for curing diabetes of type 1 and that it acts against complications accompanying this illness, such as vessels- and vein damage (Weiss 2006, Stenley 2013, Ohki 2010, Liou 2009).

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