cbd hemp oil

CBD Hemp Oil 

the best source of medicinal CBD

  • Anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-psychotic effects
  • Usable in treatment of cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, 
  • multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative disorders
  • NO psychoactive effects

CBD effects and properties

  • Related to THC

    The research of CBD and its healing potential was in the past, to the contrary to THC, unjustly ignored. In the last years, however it shows up that it has very interesting pharmaceutical effects. Chemically, the substances in CBD and THC are very similar with the difference that CBD is not psychoactive.

  • Protects psychic and nerves

    CBD proved its efficiency when curing neurodegenerative disturbances caused by prions. It shows anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects. Further areas of medical treatment where canabidiol can be used are epilepsy, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and nausea.

  • Protects brain and CNS

    Scientific researches have shown that canabidiol protects nerve cells against the oxygen shortage and various poisons, including alcohol poisoning. It slows down cell aging and is very efficient when it comes to treatment of stroke and other brain damages.

  • Healing cannabinoid CBD

    CBD belongs to canabinoids, which are substances that appear naturally in human body (endocannabidoids) and then only in the hemp plant. CBD is the second strongest canabinoid after THC.

  • CBD extract content 5-10% 
  • Dissolved in organic help oil
  • Contain other cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBC 
  • THC lower than 0,2% -> 100% legal product
  • 100% organic quality

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Reviews from our customers:

  • ondrej

    Doctors diagnosed me with ovary cyst and their verdict was I was never going to have any children. CBD hemp oil is a miracle of nature that helped me to fullfil my wishes: I am healthy and 4 months pregnant! My dreams came true thanks to hemp!

    34 years old | Prague

  • testimonial1

    From puberty I suffered from atopic dermatitis. I tried everything, corticoids, different lotions and so on, but with no result. Then, after a recommendation from a friend, I started to use CBD oil and everything began to go back to normal. Now, I am healthy and I am using CBD oil all the time as a prevention.

    25 years old | Lubná u Rakovníka


  • testimonial1-2

    I’m excited! After a few days of using the CBD oil I observe significant improvement of my overall health. I have more energy, my chronic fatigue has disappeared as well as my skin rash. Moreover my enteritis has also been diminished.

    60 years old | Germany

System message
  • CBD hemp oil and animals

    Also our animal friends can suffer every now and then from unpleasant sicknesses - chronic pain, post traumatic stress, inflammations, skin issues, excessive fur loss, and so on.

  • My life with epilepsy

    In the picture you see Tommy, happy and smiling. Unfortunatelly, not underneath the hemp plant but under the wallnut tree in our garden. However, it was not always like this...as Tommy has been suffering from epilepsy for 12 years now.
    Today, we want to share with you this true story about Tommy from Germany.
    (an e-mail written by Tommy´s mom Barbara)

  • CBD and Diabetes of type 1

    Basic studies are showing that CBD is beneficial for curing diabetes of type 1 and that it acts against complications accompanying this illness, such as vessels- and vein damage (Weiss 2006, Stenley 2013, Ohki 2010, Liou 2009).

  • Autistic boy started to talk after 2 days of using CBD oil

    When Kalel Santiago from Porto Rico was 10 months old, he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer known as neuroblastoma.

  • CBD and epilepsy treatment

    Research on animals (Shirazizand et al 2013, Jones 2012,2011), clinical studies (Cunha et al. 1980) and also stories of ordinary people reveal high healing potential of CBD by epilepsy treatment.

  • Hemp helps

    Hand in hand with my aging, I keep on researching alternative healing methods. Doctors and their „trial and error“ methods of healing are fedding me up. That is why I started to search for other possibilities how to heal myself in most natural way.

  • CBD and its effects on inflammatory allergic breathing problems, inflammatory pains and stroke

    Presence of cannabinoids (primarily CBD) in the central nervous system, together with high-activity level of CB1 nerve receptors shows that endocannabinoid system can be an important factor for curing the nerve and inflammatory illnesses.

  • CBD and schizophrenia treatment

    First research of CBD and its possible anti-psychotic effects on people was carried out on a schizophrenic patient who was suffering from considerable hormonal side-effects while being cured by classical antipsychotics.

  • 10 Facts You Should Know About CBD

    Scientists were researching CBD in the last few years and the results are showing that its receptors are based in the central nervous system. In many periferal tissues, in the imunity, reproduction and digestion system, to be precise. Also in the hormonal glands, arteries, lungs, eyes, heart, bones and skin.

  • CBD Hemp Oil and its Advantages

    Scientific researches point to many health advantages of CBD, which is a component of medical hemp. Cannabidiol or the beforementioned (CBD) has no psychoactive effects compared to THC which is known in connection to marihuana, used for recreational purposes.

  • CBD Hemp Oil and Pregnancy

    Pregnant thanks to the CBD oil? The fact, that I will have problems getting pregnant I knew for a long time. Exactly for 15 years to be precise – from the time when I first had my period. My gynekologist diagnosed me ovary polycystic disease – multiple cysts on ovaries. I did not worry about it at that time. When I was 12 I was, like the other girls, dealing with other „problems“.

  • CBD reduces cigarette consumption

    Preliminary results in combination with pre-clinical tests for CBD using show us that CBD can be considered like a potential cure for nicotine treatment. 
    Authors: Morgan CJ, Das RK, Joye A, Curran HV, Kamboj SK
    Year: 2013

  • CBD and other cannabinoids in the CBD oil

    Apart from the healing CBD and psychoactive THC there are many other healing cannabinoids in hemp. The most common ones are to be found in the hemp extract and also in CBD oil.
    Read more about which one are those and what are their effects: